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PICKS for 2012-2016: (please search Caroline Hancock on this page for a text archive)

Fenouil, in Guillaume Constantin. La Reconnaissance des motifs, Marie Cantos (ed.), Manuella Editions, 2019


Anne-Camille Allueva : « Je construis mes images qui n'en sont plus », 2018

Joanna Drew and the art of exhibitions, Published by Skira, 2018. With contributions by Dawn Ades, Lutz Becker, Alan Bowness, Andrew Brighton, Martin Caiger-Smith, Rory Coonan, David Elliott, Isobel Johnstone, Catherine Lampert, Tim Llewellyn, Roger Malbert, Bridget Riley, Nicholas Serota, Roy Strong, Alister Warman, Richard Wentworth. The editorial committee consisted of Dawn Ades, Andrew Dempsey, Roger Malbert Alister Warman, and the book was edited by Helen Luckett.

joanna drew and the art of exhibitions

Interview with the artist, Shen Wei. Exploring The Unknown, Caroline Hancock and François Michaud (eds.), Power Station of Art / Artron, Shanghai

Shen Wei book

Entries about the work of Samta Benyahia, Safia Farhat, Jo Ractliffe, Irma Stern for the AWARE (Archives of Women Artists Research and Exhibitions) index.

Samta Benyahia

Variations on Existing Structures in Paradise Valley, essay for the monograph Aurélien Froment. Three Double Tales. Trois contes doubles Drei Doppelte Erzählungen, co-edition: Frac Île-de-France/ le Plateau, la Villa Arson, les Abattoirs/Frac Occitanie, Toulouse, M Museum Louvain, Badischer Kunstverein, Heidelberger Kunstverein, Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver et Spike Island Bristol, Dent-de-Leone, London, 2017

three double tales

Pebbles and I, based on a conversation with Julien Creuzet, Journal d’un travailleur métèque du futur, catalogue of the 30th International Studios from FRAC Pays de la Loire, 2017

pebbles and I

Henry Valensi. Musicaliser le temps et l'espace, texte pour le catalogue de l'exposition Henry Valensi. La Musique des couleurs, Musée du Château des Ducs de Wurtemberg, Montbéliard, 2017

Henry Valensi

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, in Gregory Forstner, Editions Dilecta, Paris, 2017.

Centre and periphery. Establishing Galerie Allen in Paris, Art Monthly Australasia, December

centre and periphery

Irrational thoughts should be followed absolutely and logically, essay in Charlotte von Poehl's exhibition catalogue, Patchworks, Skissernas Museum, Lund, 2017.

Charlotte vonn Poehl

Carlos Nogueira. And Not Even Time Passes, essay in an artist's book marking Carlos Nogueira's exhibitions at 3+1 Contemporary Art and Appleton Square in Lisbon, 2015

Carlos Nogueira. And Not Even Time Passes

'Variations on Existing Structures in Paradise Valley', essay for the monograph Aurélien Froment. Three Double Tales. Trois contes doubles Drei Doppelte Erzählungen, co-edition: Frac Île-de-France/ le Plateau, la Villa Arson, les Abattoirs/Frac Occitanie, Toulouse, M Museum Louvain, Badischer Kunstverein, Heidelberger Kunstverein, Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver et Spike Island Bristol, Dent-de-Leone, London, 2017

Amina Menia. The Dead are More Talkative Than The Living, essay written in 2016 for 'In/Visible Voices of Women', edited by Clelia Coussonnet & Missla Libsekal. This self-published book is now available on iBooks. 
Here: English version
And here: French version

Amina Menia

Why Manifesta makes sense in Marseille, Apollo Magazine online, 5 June 2016

Entretien avec Fayçal Baghriche pour l'exposition 'La Nuit du Doute', Galerie Poggi, Paris, Mars 2016

faycal Baghriche

Spatial Rhapsody, in Mark Garry. A New Quiet, artist's monograph, RHA, Dublin, 2015

Mark Garry

Made in Algeria. Genealogy of a Territory, MuCEM, Marseille, review in Ibraaz, February 2016

made in algeria. Geniology of a territory

The Untold Want, author and co-editor exhibition catalogue, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, 2015.

untold want

Only You, Michèle Sylvander, Michèle Sylvander. Histoires, éditions P, Marseille, 2015

Michele Sylvander

John Deneuve. Spectre Normal, texte accompagnant son exposition personnelle à la Galerie du 5e, Galeries Lafayette, Marseille, 2015

John Deneuve

Points of Convergence, in Isabel Carvalho. Femme qui passe, ARTES, Fundação Manuel António da Mota, Porto, 2014. Publication accompanying Isabel Carvalho's project paying tribute to Aurélia de Sousa in October 2014. Curator: Luisa Mota

Isabel Carvalho Femme qui Parle

Nomusa Makhubu. Interview, Contemporary &, Autumn 2014

Nomusa Makhubu

Kapwani Kiwanga. Flowers for Africa, galerie Karima Célestin, Marseille, August 2014

Kapwani kiwanga

Producing The Common, Dak'Art 2014, Dakar, Senegal, CONTEMPORARY AND (C&), May 2014

Translating emotion: Annette Messager in Australia, Art Monthly, Australia, Summer 2014

annette Messager

Sana Tamzini, Nafas Art Magazine, March 2014

In Memoriam: Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, CONTEMPORARY AND (C&), March 2014

Mustapha Sedjal: The System Needs An Update, galerie Karima Célestin, Marseille, March 2014 available here

Virginie Yassef, Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois, Paris, January 2014

Virginie Yassef

C'est la vie! une collaboration entre Mohamed Bourouissa et Massinissa Selmani, Galerie Talmart, Paris, December 2013, p.8

Mohamed Bourouissa et Massinissa

Mark Garry: Musicker, VOLUME, Interviews Special Issue, Paris, December 2013

mark garry interview

Joseph Kosuth: absence-presence, twice, Galerie Imane Farès, Paris, October 2013


A photograph is not just an image, it is also an object', Interview with Alain Sayag, Photofile, Australia, Autumn 2013

Alan  Sayag

The Walking Mountain, text on the artists Fredy Alzate, Yushin U Chang, Chad Keveny, Damien Marchal, Natacha Mercier, Daniel Perrier involved in the Parcours d'art contemporain de la Vallée du Lot, Maison des arts Georges Pompidou, Cajarc / Maisons Daura, St Cirq Lapopie, Summer 2013

Parcours d art contemporain 2013

More Sparkling Than Crystal: Ithell Colquhoun, in 'Appearance, Disappearance and Ouroboros', joint text by Organe de Concrétisation de Recherches, /seconds, 2013
Available here

« Et toc ! Clac ! Pan ! La photographie selon Jacques-Henri Lartigue», online magazine of the Jeu de Paume, Spring 2013

In the judgement seat: the Museum of Modern Art's incoming Chief Curator of Photography, Quentin Bajac', Photofile, Australia, March 2013

Photofile cover

Pessoa, Personne, Nobody or Somebody: A circuitous salute to a trip to Portugal and exchanges with Pedro Barateiro, Angela Detanico & Rafael Lain, and Marcelline Delbecq', in A Journey Through Shared Spaces, the publication conceived by Charlotte Moth for Le Pavilion, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, April 2014

a journey through shared spaces

Short texts on new acquisitions in the Kadist Art Foundation collection, June 2012: Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, Carlos Amorales, Patty Chang, Marcelo Cidade, Martin Creed, Nathalie Djurberg, Hans Peter Feldmann, Tala Madani, Anthony McCall, Roman Ondák, Alain Séchas, Jiri Kovanda, Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba, Toby Ziegler, Clemens Von Wedemeyer, Jordan Wolfson, Mario Garcia Torres.

Kapwani Kiwanga. Space is the Place, 02 magazine, June 2012. Reprinted in Savvy/ art.contemporary.african, Curating. Expectations and Challenges, Edition 4, Autumn 2012, p. 98-103

Space is the place

Sculpturations, catalogue accompanying the exhibition at the Abbaye de Fontevraud, May 2012
Sculpturations pdf A6

Amina Menia. Some Unrealised Projects, Nafas Art Magazine, January 2012

5 articles in Critique d'Art no 38, revue des Archives de la critique d'art, Rennes, Autumn 2011

Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, Mutations, ed. by Chantal Pontbriand, Paris Photo and Steidl, November 2011

mutations Mathieu Abonnenec

Jean-Luc Moulène: A “Plasticien” , Afterall 28, Autumn 2011


Zineb Sedira, Canvas magazine for art and culture from the Middle East and Arab world, Autumn 2011

Zineb article

Defying Imagination. Surrealism and Beauty. Art and Australia, sept. 2011


Texts on Delphine Coindet and Martin Honert in Art & Architecture. Collection du FRAC Centre, Les Turbulences / FRAC Centre, Editions HYX, Orléans, 2013

art and architecture FRAC Centre

Entries on Lynda Benglis, vol. 1, pp. 478-9, Dorothy Cross, vol. 1, pp. 1101, Jaki Irvine, vol. 2, pp. 2110-1, Alice Maher, vol. 2, p. 2703, Kathy Prendergast, vol. 3, p. 3531, WAAG (Women Artists Action Group), vol. 3, p. 4614, Dictionnaire des Créatrices, Editions des Femmes, Paris, 2012.

Text on Bruce Nauman, Video, An Art, A History, Singapore Art Museum, 2011

video an art, a history

izhar/bloom, panorama of the art scenes in North Africa, tales magazine, Spring issue, no 7, 2011

Tales 7

Gardiennes d’Images. Entretien avec Zineb Sedira, SAM Art Projects and Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2010


From Malakoff to Moorilla. Christian Boltanski Interviewed by Caroline Hancock’, Art and Australia, dec. 2010

art & australia

Dynasty, exhibition review in MAP magazine, Scotland, September 2010

Poetics of Space à la Moth of St Ouen,, no 4, 2010

Charlotte Moth

Gracelands, unpublished text about the open-air festival in Dromahair, Country Leitrim, Ireland, in Summer 2009, curated by Vaari Claffey, June 2010


Chronical of a Metropolitan Complex or “Are You Happy?” , article in the magazine published by If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part of Your Revolution, Netherlands, 2009

sarah pierce

Medusa in Ecstasy, Lynda Benglis, les presses du réel, Dijon, 2009

Lynda Benglis


Salt and Pepper, Into Irish Drawing, catalogue to accompany exhibition curated by Arno Kramer, touring to Limerick, Hengelo, Paris, Portadown, 2009

salt and pepper

The Taste of Cherries, William McKeown, IMMA, Dublin / Charta, Milan, 2008

taste of cherries

The Archival Impulse (or lack thereof) in Curatorial Practice, in publication following Young European Curators workshop in February 2008 at MUSAC, Léon coordinated by The British Council, Spain, p.62-72 (Spanish and English versions). Accessible online at:

Invitation au Voyage: An Internal Transport System for the Museum, text to accompany Rhona Byrne’s IMMA Process Room project, 2008


Point of No Return, co-authored with Sherman Sam. Rubicon Gallery, Dublin, 2008

point of no return

UBS Collection: Drawings, published by UBS, Zürich, 2007. Texts on Vija Celmins, Bruce Conner, Keith Edmier, David Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Phillips, Christopher Wool

usb drawing

'Omelettes’, Undercover Surrealism: Georges Bataille and the magazine DOCUMENTS, Hayward Publishing, London, 2006



'Edward Hopper', in catalogue accompanying the Edward Hopper exhibition, Grand Palais/Réunion des Musées Nationaux, Paris, 2012

'Chronologie 1918-1966', in Le Surréalisme, catalogue accompanying the exhibition of the Centre Pompidou Surrealist collection, National Arts Centre, Tokyo; and 'Chronology 1918-1966', Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, 2011

‘Parallèles chronologiques’, David Hockney: Dialogue avec Picasso, Musée Picasso, Paris/RMN, 1999

‘Chronologie et documents’, David Hockney. Espace/Paysage, Editions du Centre Pompidou, Paris, 1999, pp. 167-207 / updated for German edition, David Hockney. Exciting Times Are Ahead, Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle, Bonn, 2001, pp. 217-260.
Commissioned by The British Council, London


French-English and English-French translations. Commissioners include: Les Presses du Réel, Dijon; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Mathieu Copeland; Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane; Musée départemental de Rochechouart; Chantal Pontbriand; agenda, Paris; Nouveau Musée National de Monaco; Norwich Museum and Art Gallery; Kadist Art Foundation, Paris; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Fondation EDF; gerlach en koop; Biennale de Rennes; galerie Xavier Hufkens, Brussels; Cécile Bourne; Amina Menia; Zineb Sedira; Katia Kameli; Uriel Orlow; Louidgi Beltrame; Christophe Lemaitre; Clarisse Hahn; Nouveaux Commanditaires, Fondation de France, Paris; Galerie Imane Farès, Paris; Wiels, Brussels; Abattoirs, Toulouse; CAC Brétigny; Gulbenkian Foundation, Paris; Les Inrockuptibles, Paris (supplement for Lieux publics, Marseille); Le Quartier, Centre d'art contemporain, Quimper; Achim Lengerer; Khiasma and La Fabrique Phantom, Les Lilas; Marrakech Biennale 2016; Aperture magazine, New York; Julien Creuzet; LUMA Foundation, Arles; FRAC Grand Large, Dunkerque

2014-2017: Copy-editing the English texts in the Research Section of L'Internationale Online, edited by Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez. L'Internationale is a confederation of six major European modern and contemporary art institutions and partners. "The Uses of Art - The Legacy of 1848 and 1989" is a five-year programme (2013-2017). General Coordinator: KASK / School of Arts of University College Ghent in Belgium.

Copy-editing for publication on archives coordinated by HEAD, Geneva, published by Sternberg Press, 2012

Editor of Sculpturations, catalogue accompanying the exhibition at the Abbaye de Fontevraud, May 2012

Co-editor and commissioner of monograph on Lynda Benglis, Les Presses du Réel, Dijon, 2009

Editor of Elizabeth Peyton. Reading and Writing, artist’s book, IMMA and Charta, 2009

Editor of William McKeown, exhibition catalogue, IMMA and Charta, 2008

Editor of Miquel Barceló. The African Work, IMMA and Turner Libros, 2008

Co-editor of The Painting of Modern Life, Hayward Publishing, 2007

Co-editor of Undercover Surrealism. Georges Bataille and DOCUMENTS, Hayward Publishing. Received the AXA and Art Newspaper Exhibition Catalogue prize, 2006

Co-editor of An Aside: Selected by Tacita Dean, Hayward Publishing, 2005

French subtitles for Hans Ulrich Obrist documentary, The Secret Files of Gilbert & George, 2000

Phaidon Press, Paris: sub-editor for French versions of Century and The Cinema Book, 1999